About Us


Carefree Lifestyle is a FULL luxury concierge company that provides vacationers with a unique, unmatched travel experience. Carefree Lifestyle was created for clients interested in enjoying first class vacation luxuries at a reasonable price. To live “Carefree” is every traveler’s main goal, is it not? Strip away all the daily nuisances of your regular life and be whisked away to a foreign location, with tantalizing landscapes, that once were only thought to exist in fairytales. With a range of services from limousine and chauffeured travel options, exotic car rentals, luxury property rentals with maid services, private jet and yacht charters, personal security, and professional chef accommodations, Carefree Lifestyle is every globe-trotter’s “one stop shop”, to a delightful and glamorous traveling experience.

Close your eyes. Imagine. Send yourself on your dream vacation. Do you travel by air, by sea? Are you transported to secluded powdery white sand beaches, tropical exotic paradises, breath-taking cliff-side mountain views, or to the country’s most prestigious addresses? When renting with Carefree Lifestyle, vacationers have options of beach villas, exquisite mansions, modern luxurious condos, and architecturally designed homes in locations world wide. They have access to the most exotic brands of luxury cars to date with no limitations on options to meet their desires. Clients journey across the globe, leaving the comforts of home, with an assured confidence that their vacation expectations will be met and surpassed by Carefree Lifestyle. The Carefree staff is dedicated to providing the upmost in quality service; making your vacation fantasies, realities.

For over ten years, political and influential public figures, entertainers, athletes, and vacationers alike, have returned to Carefree Lifestyle and the Marotta brothers. Anthony Marotta’s homes and exotic vehicles have been featured throughout the entertainment industry in countless movies, music videos, reality shows, and television programs. Carefree’s limousines have chauffeured clients nationwide for over a decade with reasonably priced, reliable luxury transportation.

Anthony and Carefree Lifestyle have been featured in numerous publications for major magazines and online resources. Recently, he has redefined Carefree Lifestyle through his world wide expansion efforts. This business expansion has established Carefree throughout major US cities (Miami, Ft Lauderdale and surrounding areas, Los Angeles, New York City, the Hamptons, Las Vegas) and globally, in some of the most enticing travel destinations (Dominican Republic, Bahamas, Mexico, US and British Virgin Islands; just to name a few). Sponsorship efforts for local and nationwide charities have always been of grand importance to Anthony Marotta, and you can find the “Carefree” brand attending and supporting many non-for-profit organizations.

Carefree Lifestyle believes, that to truly live “Carefree”, is a privilege that every vacationer deserves to experience. A hassle free, stress free vacation, where the traveler is in a complete state of relaxation and enjoyment. With Carefree only offering the best of the best with every individual’s travel experience, there is no need for explaining why they have come so far in luxury rental services; setting the bar and continually surpassing their competitors. Creating intricate and exclusive packages specifically for the guest of honor, each customer is treated royally. On your next vacation, visit one of the Carefree Lifestyle locations for your first class ticket to a life of luxury.