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We offer the hottest and most complete collection of of exotic car rentals, luxury car rentals, sports cars and limousine service in Miami, South Beach, Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Hollywood, California, Las Vegas, Manhattan, the Hamptons, and Long Island, New York. Our quality customer service combined with a wide-ranging selection of the finest and most prestigious automobiles in the world, have given us a well-developed and international reputation that you can trust. From Ferrari, Lamborghini, Rolls-Royce and Bentley to Mercedes and BMW, our automobiles are only a reservation away. Have you always wanted to drive the a Phantom down Ocean Drive or take our brand new Mercedes SLS out for a spin? People know whats up when you roll by in an orange Lambo. We are a family business with over 10 years in the game and we will treat you the same way we treat all our celebrity clients and friends.

Exotic Car Rentals and Luxury Car Rentals in Miami, South Beach and Los Angeles

Carefree Lifestyle is a Miami Beach and Los Angeles based company that provides the upscale vacationer with a unique, stress free, luxurious vacation. Imagine arriving in a private jet, being met by a limousine and taken to a mansion or luxury condominium with the exotic car rental of your choice parked outside for your exclusive use. Our concierge service will provide you with a private chef, maid service, yacht rentals, and entry to the exclusive South Beach clubs. Our large inventory of the newest models of exotic and luxury car rentals includes Ferrari, Bentley, Rolls Royce, Lamborghini, SUVs, Mercedes, Porsche and BMWs all available to rent and enjoy Miami, South Beach and Los Angeles. Carefree is the one stop shop for the people interested in enjoying the life of the rich and famous at a reasonable price.

About our Ferrari Rentals:

Power, Elegance, Speed, Versatility, Supremacy. Once you sit behind the wheel of a Ferrari; your driving experience is forever transformed. Everything that a luxury sports vehicle is created to be; lies under the hoodsand within the frame work of the Ferrari brand. You have the opportunity to experience this luxury brand. Rent a Ferrari at Carefree Lifestyle. Renting one of our Ferrari’s is exceedingly simple. One call or visit to Carefree Lifestyle, and you will exit our doors on an excursion of first class appeal and luxury in a timeless vehicle that will turn heads and make even the most humble of men a tad bit jealous. Ferraris are built upon the imagery of perfect balance. Carefree Lifestyle makes your vision of renting a Ferrari, or any luxury vehicle, possible, by an array of locations reaching from coast to coast; and in every star studded city in between. Live a lifestyle of luxury, live Carefree.

About our Lamborghini Rentals:

Power. Agility. Fierce Possibilities. If you were born to be the center of attention, renting a Lamborghini from Carefree Lifestyle is your ticket. Ever since its inception in 1963, the Lamborghini brand has been recognized as a car made exclusively for the wealthy, the powerful and the confident. Driving a Lamborghini instills in you the feeling of superhuman qualities.

About our Bentley Rentals:

Supremacy. Welcome to being the master of the road. That’s the feeling you experience when you slide behind the wheel of the brand known as Bentley. A Bentley is everything that a high-end automobile should be: sleek, fast and luxurious. You can find yourself in the driver’s seat of one of these luxury vehicles everyday at Carefree. With three models to choose from, your search to find the Bentley that ideally matches all of your expectations in an elite auto rental, is easy. Bentleys are a perfect balance between luxury automobile and your exotic sports cars, with first class interior options and a sturdy, bold, classic exterior, it still holds a sleekness and sportiness appeal, while never compromising Bentley’s ultimate driving capabilities and agility.

About our Rolls-Royce Rentals:

Elegant, Classic, Impeccable, Exquisite, Powerful, Sturdy. The Rolls-Royce brand is in a class all its own. It is a luxury transporter that is exclusively and respectfully designed by engineers and each is personally handcrafted. Every individual piece of a Rolls-Royce is delicately built and properly placed. The outcome lies within a precisely constructed, bold and powerful couture style. Known for its beautiful full body and classic grille, it represents the utmost meaning of a luxury automobile. The vehicles produced by Rolls Royce have the ability to grace each road with their presence. As they glide across the pavement, they impress crowds of onlookers and always leave lasting impressions on who ever may be lucky enough to be left in their wake. The Rolls-Royce design expands the vision on what a luxurious automotive should be. The Rolls-Royce is a car admired since 1904 and has undoubtedly, through the years, become a staple in true luxury lifestyle living. When renting a Rolls-Royce with Carefree Lifestyle, clients are given a choice in which series they prefer. With three models at your disposal, renting a Rolls-Royce will relax your senses and you will be elevated into a pleasurable driving experience in a vehicle that is the essence of fortune, fame, and elite first class living.

About our BMW Luxury Rentals:

When our clients are on a search to find a luxury vehicle practical enough for everyday use, unbeatably priced, and one that still exudes opulence and class; Carefree Lifestyle suggests renting a BMW. BMWs are ideal in all driving conditions, and their performance; unmatched. A BMW can maneuver through in the winding hills of Hollywood, or, smoothly glide down the beaches of South Beach. It can cruise effortlessly past the city lights in Vegas, or, hit the streets in the “big city” in a big way. This classic automobile is the essence of traditional style and has a solid reputation. BMW, is a company obsessed with performance and appearance, melding the two together, to create the perfect automobile.

After the technology, safety, and the complete assembly of the construction passes initial inspections, a second, more intense, test commences: the driving test. Drivers, who demand the same precision as German engineers, drive the BMW to ensure performance and comfort. BMWs are rigorously tested for the upmost results in quality.

About our Mercedes Luxury Rentals:

Mercedes Benz, the name says it all. Mercedes is known as a world class leader in fine automotives. Mercedes Benz is the world’s oldest automotive brand still in existence today. Mercedes’ solid reputation, uncompromising standards in quality manufacturing, and its ability to remain historical, yet innovative, set it atop luxury brands. The Mercedes Benz performance is as dynamic as its design. Benz engineers have never been influenced by other brand leaders and have continued to create trend setting models for over 100 years.

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New York:

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Manhattan (NYC), The Hamptons (LI), New Jersey (NJ), Connecticut (CT), and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)

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30-15 Thomson Ave
Queens NY 11101
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Phone: 718-433-0600

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