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Rent The New Ferrari F430 Spider Today

Ferrari’s new drop-top includes a number of important technical features which give hints of the car’s F1 pedigree, starting with the innovative electronic differential – first developed by the racing division for the Scuderia’s all-conquering F1 cars – which improves traction and road holding under all conditions. The Ferrari F430 Spider exotic car rental also features the steering wheel-mounted commutator switch, known to the Scuderia’s drivers as the ‘manettino’, which allows the car’s set-up to be adjusted easily and quickly.

Are you an adventure seeker? This car was meant to hit the pavement. Carefree Lifestyle exotic car rentals introduces you to the Ferrari 430 Spider. With an exact interior design and each of the high quality traits that the Ferrari 430 offers, the Spider takes the same exhilarating driving experience and thrusts it up a notch. The Spider allows you to gasp with excitement and grasp the steering wheel in a road machine like no other. The coupe body of the 430 is transformed by creating a roof panel which automatically folds away, in 2 steps, creating the ideal Ferrari convertible. The feeling of driving a Ferrari convertible that was created on the foundation of speed, agility, and precision, is undeniable to anyone brave enough to take control of the ultimate driving machine. With leather so soft it embraces the driver, seats constructed to contour to its handler’s physical attributes, and the addition of a cool breeze hitting your face and the sun glazing over your skin, you will know exactly why the Spider 430 was created. It is the embodiment of what a “Carefree Lifestyle” is all about. It is vehicle made especially for its driver. Visit our office in New York, Miami and Los angeles.

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