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When our clients are on a search to find a luxury vehicle practical enough for everyday use, unbeatably priced, and one that still exudes opulence and class; Carefree Lifestyle suggests renting a BMW. BMWs are ideal in all driving conditions, and their performance; unmatched. A BMW can maneuver through in the winding hills of Hollywood, or, smoothly glide down the beaches of South Beach. It can cruise effortlessly past the city lights in Vegas, or, hit the streets in the “big city” in a big way. This classic automobile is the essence of traditional style and has a solid reputation. BMW, is a company obsessed with performance and appearance, melding the two together, to create the perfect automobile.
After the technology, safety, and the complete assembly of the construction passes initial inspections, a second, more intense, test commences: the driving test. Drivers, who demand the same precision as German engineers, drive the BMW to ensure performance and comfort. BMWs are rigorously tested for the upmost results in quality.

Rent a BMW 750Li

At Carefree Lifestyle, we offer a BMW that’s been built with precision and attention to detail, the BMW 750Li. Once you drive the 750Li, you know what it means to drive a quality made vehicle. Large engines satisfy the drivers thirst for power, while safety still remains a main factor in the creative process of all BMW series. With adaptive shock absorbers, lightweight construction, a Twin-Power turbocharged engine, navigational and entertainment server, night-vision with pedestrian detection, and the iDrive System, renting this model BMW is an always easy choice for Carefree Lifestyle renters. It’s a sporty sedan that stands out in the crowd of its competitors. The BMW 750Li is elegant enough for a romantic evening for two, spacious enough for an entire group of friends, safe enough to strap your loved ones in the back. It’s a new design and style that has its own twist on classic. When you look at the 750Li and the 7 series, you aren’t looking at just another sedan. You are looking at a machine that has an exclusive design and reputation all its own. Each car is handcrafted by German engineers, who ensure that every part is based around exact standards. As a client you will, with out a doubt, love the drive.

Rent a BMW 650i Convertible

Sleek. Irresistible. Flawless. BMW has been known, and is famous for, its perfection and precision in its assembly. BMW best describes its version of the ultimate convertible coupe as a “groundbreaking luxury”. The BMW 650i’s engine allows this driving machine to reach 0-60 in 4.9 seconds and has 400 horsepower under its hood. Highlights featured in its composition include, but are not limited to; Onboard Navigation System with Traffic Alerts Voice Command, BMW Ultimate Service™, Climate Zone Ventilation, Driving Dynamics Control, Roll Stabilization, Xenon Adaptive Headlights. With all of the added safety features, the construction and structural design doesn’t take away from its sporty appeal. There’s a collection of endless perks when indulging in the BMW experience. From every small and delicately placed odds and ends; to the “top of the line” inquisitively placed accessories, BMW has engineered each into this unit consciously. Their ability to enhance your comfort and driving experience are unmatched. Sleek lines, smooth transitions in its body form, and its muscular sport appeal, create a convertible coupe that has an aggressive image and a smooth ride.
Renting a BMW from a Carefree Lifestyle location will expose you to first class amenities in a luxury vehicle adaptable to each driver and their destination.

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